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a dreamer in the wild world

23y/o – girl going places – breathing dreams like air.
Passionate about living my life and taking you with me. Love to inspire and easily get inspired. Taking phtos of coffee’s , shoes, flowers, sunsets, clothes and croissants — basically the things that make me happy. You can follow me by every step I take and every move I make. Let’s grow toegther. Currently I am based in Hamburg, Germany. Let’s see where the next years will take me because home is where your heart is ❤

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Wer hat noch Lust und vor allem Zeit sich täglich die Haare zu entfernen? Wer hat aber auch die Zeit darüber zu reden? Ich werde mir jetzt einmal die Zeit dafür nehmen!

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KØBENHAVN - Kopenhagen -
cozy copenhagen 🦙🦙🦙🦙 // #GetTheLook via @zalando #ZalandoStyle Anzeige
KØBENHAVN - Kopenhagen -
#CPHFW 🐿 // 📸 @thestyleograph