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a dreamer in the wild world

23y/o – girl going places – breathing dreams like air.
Passionate about living my life and taking you with me. Love to inspire and easily get inspired. Taking phtos of coffee’s , shoes, flowers, sunsets, clothes and croissants — basically the things that make me happy. You can follow me by every step I take and every move I make. Let’s grow toegther. Currently I am based in Hamburg, Germany. Let’s see where the next years will take me because home is where your heart is ❤

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le secret tumblr Servus meine Liebsten. Ich grüße euch am frühen Morgen aus Bayern. Sitz gerade im Starbucks München ,..

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Alfama, Lisboa, Portugal
looking out for cuddles 🧡 ad/
Formentera Mar
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Sir Joan Hotel
girls do curls 🙆🏻‍♀️ keepin‘ it casual with @ku2cosmetics #ku2cosmetics ✨ mood like 👉🏼 1 or 2 (swipe left) 🤓 ANZEIGE
Ibiza, Spain
summer 🐓 #Ibiza
Hamburg, Germany
did you see my new shoes?🤓👽